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The Characteristics of Beryl Gemstones

Precious blue-green colour-of-sea-water stone

The name “beryl” is derived from Greek βήρυλλος (beryllos) which referred to a “precious blue-green colour-of-sea-water stone”. Precious Beryl refers to all colour varieties of the Beryl group that are not called Emerald or Aquamarine. Popular and well known varieties of Beryl are Emerald, Aquamarine and Morganite.

Beryl is also available in pale yellowish-green, known as Heliodor and lime green colours. The stronger lemon yellow and golden yellow colours are known as Golden Beryl. Beryl is a durable gem that is quite hard (Mohs hardness scale – 7.5 to 8) with an extremely attractive vitreous lustre.

The yellow colours are a good lower cost alternative to yellow Sapphire as they are more common in larger sizes.

There are many alternative gemstone choices that have similar colour & visual characteristics to Beryl. If you’d like to learn more about your best options or arrange a personal gemstone viewing in our Parramatta studio, please call us on (02) 9689 3396 or contact us here.

The Different Shades Of Beryl

Yes, although care must be taken as it is a very hard but brittle gemstone, and wears well. Therefore care must be taken to avoid impact with hard materials.

No. Although, Emerald and Aquamarine are and do come from the beryl family of minerals.

Fine, high quality large sizes can become expensive, but beautiful mid-range colours and sizes are quite affordable and very good value.

Pale-yellow, deep-yellow, lime-green, yellowish-green, soft-pink, and raspberry-orange.